Silk pillowcase ( Oxford 25mm)

  • Silk pillowcase ( Oxford 25mm)

Silk pillowcase oxford style 25Momme

Material: 100% mulberry silk, 25momme, A-quality
Eco label: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified

Properties of Silkmood silk pillowcase:
  • 100% natural and and environmentally friendly product, soft and extremely light
  • High degree of moisture absorption and expulsion by its porous structure and regulate temperature, ideal against perspiration
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-static, anti-bacterial, ideal for people with asthma, eczema, dust allergies and other skin disorders
  • Ultra smooth and has a calming effect on the nervous system in the facial skin
Machine washable at 30 ° C Silk caring tips
Oxford pillowcasa has a decorative border ( about 5cm) around their edges, is elegant and luxurious, is great for adding extra impack to your bedroom.

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