Natural Silk cocoon ficial scrubs

  • Natural Silk cocoon ficial scrubs

Heat sterilized natural silk cocoon scrubs


In Asia is silk cocoon facial scrub very popular to keep your skin clean, health and smooth.

Natural silk contains Sericin  (Sericin is a protein obtained from silk glue, has properties beneficial to human skin acting as skin moisturizer, a natural water soluble glycoprotein often used in anti aging creams and hair care products).  Sericin contains about  8-19 types of amino acids which are antioxidants,  eliminate certain types of microorganisms of skin diseases.

  •     Eliminate dirt in pores
  •     Revive facial moisture for radiant and young look
  •     Boost renewal of deteriorated facial cells


  •     Use it on cleansed skin
  •     Soak it in hot water until the cocoon becomes soft
  •     Place a softened cocoon on to the end of your fingertip, softly massage your skin and neck
  •     Proceed with your skin care routine after using this product. 

A cocoon can be used twee times. Do not store it in humid location or expose it to direct sunlight.

20 cocoons per bag.

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