Silkmood-High quality eco-friendly silk bed linen and silk sleep wear

High quality finest silk bed linen and silk pillowcase in 20 colours and sizes

Comfort, luxury, timeless, elegant and sensuality

Silk sleepwear / silk pajamas: best silk combined with finest lace and exquisite craftsmanship, stylish with a touch of glamor Silk eye masks and other accessories: classic, elegant and playful ...  Silk scarves for men and women

Silkmood: Comfort, luxury, timeless elegance and sensuality
Welcome to Silkmood, the place of high quality natural and hypoallergenic silk products. Impressing the world with the beauty of silk and providing 100% real silk products at affordable price to the general public without compromising quality is our dream.  As the brand name “Silkmood” indicates, bring the sensual “mood of silk” with our products and promoting the advantages of silk for our well-being are our striving.
Quality is essential for us. Silkmood stands for unique and elaborate high quality silk products. Comfort, luxury, timeless elegance and sensuality are the key words to describe Silkmood products.
The recognition and trust of our customers are very important for the growth of Silkmood.
Silkmood currently offers silk pillowcases, silk duvet covers, silk sleepwear / loungewear, silk scarves and silk eye masks. We are constantly expanding my product range.
Envisaging developing into the best silk brands, any suggestions, criticisms or comments are more than welcome.